Stunning Winery made from Recycled Boats


Constructed to "mimic the existing environment" and embody "the most efficient ways for wine making," the Vena Cava Winery in Mexico's Guadalupe Valley has ceilings made out of discarded boats from a nearby port.

The complex, masterminded by California design studio Claudia Turrent + Alejandro D'Acosta Arquitectos, was built following a radial pattern, which speeds up production by minimizing the distance between different mechanisms.

The vineyards are located in an important wine region in mexico, the guadalupe valley in the ejido of el porvenir and situated 20 km east of the city of ensenada, baja in california. seeking to unite this area with the sea, the project was based on referencing viticulture with marine debris. the soil has been left bare, assembling only the floors and ceilings using discarded boats from the nearby port and transforming them into the barrel vaults.